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High Performance Computing

More Information, Less Data

servicesimgXiphos provides solutions for processing and analysis of large amounts of raw video and sensor data, turning it into small amounts of concise, actionable information. The result of doing this locally at the sensor is better prioritization of bandwidth resources, reduced operator fatigue, and opportunities for using sensors with resolutions that far exceed link capacity.

Data Fusion

Xiphos provides solutions for fusing instrument data from multiple sources, such as laser vision systems and ground-penetrating radar. This can help to mitigate the volume of information faced by an operator and reduce the burden of analysis. When performed locally at the sensors, data fusion can further reduce the amount of data needed to be transmitted to an operator without sacrificing critical information.

In-Situ / On-board Processing

Xiphos provides solutions for in-situ and on-board processing of sensor data for UAVs, spacecraft, and other demanding environments. The company holds the advantage in cases where sensor bandwidth exceeds the capacity of data links, or where size, mass, or power are at a premium.

Software Hybridization

Xiphos adapts existing algorithms – either proprietary or open – created by 3rd-party image processing specialists, so that they can run on hybrid processing devices, such as Q-cards, with increased performance. Examples include:

  • Remote management of high-resolution images and video, allowing operators to make the best possible use of available bandwidth;
  • Multi-mode camera stabilization, providing exceptional stability for small, inexpensive gimballed camera systems;
  • Real-time shape from motion, generating 3D coordinates of buildings, vehicles, ships, or other objects using only a single, onboard 2D camera;
  • Real-time image and video enhancement techniques (various).

Payload Control

Xiphos provides capabilities for remotely or autonomously controlling instruments and other payloads of robotic systems, including spacecraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Support Capabilities

Supporting capabilities include the use of STANAG 4586 for UAV payload and platform control, as well as metadata tagging of imagery and video. The multimode stabilization technique is intended to enable efficient use of h.264 video compression, which in turn is part of the company’s objective of providing an onboard STANAG 4609 capability.