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Xiphos has over a decade of experience in hybrid (CPU + logic) processing, optimizing MIPS/Watt for challenging algorithms. Recent examples include visual odometry, feature tracking, hazard detection and avoidance, and hyperspectral compression.

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When a customer needed to support multiple high-performance imagers with reliable and low-cost avionics, Xiphos provided a solution by simply adapting existing reference designs
into a custom daughtercard for the Q7 processor.

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Several generations of Xiphos processors are at the heart of Automatic Identification System (AIS) payloads operating for almost ten years in low Earth orbit. Xiphos processors provide digital back end functions to our partner’s RF front end, resulting in a powerful, compact on-board processing solution.

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When a customer needed a generic interface processor to accept inputs from multiple sensors to output to a common rover bus, Xiphos provided a low-power, lightweight solution. The Xiphos Q6 supported several science, mechatronic and communications subsystems on a common rover platform through analogue field trials.

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What We Do

Xiphos provides unique computing solutions, built around flight-proven miniature processing products, which:

  • “Hybridize” software and logic implementation of computing-intensive algorithms, such as those needed for complex image or signal processing; and
  • Use industrial-grade components in a fault-tolerant architecture intended for use in harsh environments, such as those susceptible to pressure, vibration, radiation or temperature extremes; and
  • Implement all of the above while minimizing size, mass and energy requirements.

The resulting computing solutions deliver high-end performance at much lower cost than traditional flight processors on-board spacecraft, aircraft and other platforms.

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