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Love Space?

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Join Xiphos, a trailblazer in New Space computing, shaping the future with groundbreaking projects. If you’re interested in space and want to work with a group of pretty awesome people doing very cool work, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Rocket Fuel

You can expect to catch our team in Hawaiian shirts on Fridays when we indulge in traditional wood-oven Pizza, on us, at a pizzeria down the street. All-day espresso, you say? Of course!

Work on cutting-edge tech

We craft tiny electronic marvels that put life into rockets, satellites, robots, and entire space stations. None of this is possible without a team passionate about solving engineering challenges to deliver the finest. Join the Xiphos crew and let your work leap beyond gravity. The thrill? Knowing your hands-on tech work is a conduit to the cosmos.


Located in the vibrant yet laid-back Plateau-Mont-Royal, one of the most diverse areas in Montreal, our workplace is infused with the energy of the neighborhood. Lined with casual cafés, popular eateries, and busy bars, the Xiphos team takes advantage of the area to host our social gatherings.


At Xiphos, we're not just a team. We're a constellation of passionate explorers. We believe that our technology is only as strong as our culture—a culture of transparency, teamwork, ownership, and good coffee. In the same way, our technology constantly evolves, and we strive to make Xiphos a better workplace: where everyone is valued, respected, and can always learn.


Test Technician

Get hands-on experience working with aerospace flight hardware. In this role you’ll be testing Q-cards in our production lines, executing test procedures, building test equipment, and soldering components. Finally, you will support our test lab by performing equipment calibration, ESD verification, and inventory management.

Full-Time On-Site

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