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High Performance Computing

Our Technology

Xiphos’ signature technology is a series of miniature processing boards called Q-cards. They use logic-software hybrid computation to perform complex processing tasks at a small fraction of the power and weight of conventional processors.

Q-cards are generally used in conjunction with application-specific daughterboards which provide a broad range of interfacing options and application-specific.


The Q7 is the latest in the Xiphos line of spaceflight-ready miniature processing boards. It retains the small form factor, low mass and power consumption of its predecessors, but provides a significant increase in CPU performance and many other features.
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The Q6 was first flown in 2011, and almost 100 units have been delivered to date for a wide range of applications including satellites, ISS experiments, rover avionics, and more.
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The business card-sized Q5 was first flown in 2004 and has been operating continuously in orbit since July 2006. It is currently in use in several operational spacecraft.
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The Q4 is certified for manned space flight, and has been used on the International Space Station.